Books I Love

Too Much and Not the Mood

I felt so seen reading this one. This book reminds me of all the times I’ve cancelled plans and didn’t regret it.

A Little Life

I read this book and felt so immensely grateful to everyone that has ever been kind to me and given me love. This one is rough and unkind, but so so beautiful.

There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé

I finished this in an hour and then read it again. Look out for The President’s Wife and Heaven Be a Xanax.


Her Body and Other Parties

I read this so quickly. I love novels about womanhood and the complications of being alive. I also love the fact that it’s experimental and a little disturbing.



This is a wild, wild ride y'all. A very long and wild ride (surprisingly very romantic as well). Especially great if you don’t have much going on in your life (it’s 928 pages long). Also great if you love freaky science fiction stuff.



This was very chill for apocalyptic fiction and I really appreciated that.