The Uniform

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I used to spend at least 30 minutes ripping through my closet trying to find something to wear which always left me feeling awful about myself. There are people who dress themselves with ease, but given my complicated relationship with my body…I am not that kind of person! The solution to my problem was putting together a uniform: an outfit that requires little thought and can be easily thrown on.


My uniform consists of jeans, boots, whatever top is befitting of the weather, and a coat — I live in this turtleneck, but this sweatshirt from Everlane is great too (especially with a turtleneck underneath)! What I like the most about this fit is that it’s super simple and it looks really good with all of my coats. If there’s ever a morning where I’m struggling with my body image or unable to find an alternative, this (or a variation of it) is always what I leave the house in. The quality of my outfit can affect my mood, so it’s really important to me that whatever I’m wearing makes me feel ok about being in my body.

Turtleneck: Amazon, $???
Jeans: Levi’s, $98.00 (Wedgie Fit Straight Jeans)
Belt: Target, $10.00
Coat: Asos, $56.00
Boots: DSW, $80.00
Bag: Urban Outfitters, $25.00